30 is the New Whatever

The best thing about being 30 so far is simply other people’s reactions to me being 30.

“OMG!! – You’re THIRTY!!” Said as if I’m as ancient as the Great Wall of China of something. Or said in a surprised tone – “Your 30???”…  “Hey, you look GREAT… for 30”.

I simply laugh, take it as a complement and go on with my day. Although – Can’t I just look GREAT in general? And since when does 30 mean old? When I speak to someone who’s 80 they look at me like i’m a child and when I speak to a child they look at me like i’m their grandmother.

Clearly there is a theory of relativity when it comes to age is there not?

I’ve never really thought about my age up until this year and the only reason I’ve starting thinking about it so much is because of how big of a deal other people are making it out to be.

Recently, while I was out dancing until 4am with a 22 year old friend of mine I randomly asked, “hey – is this weird for you? Is hanging out with someone who’s 30 weird”? I’ve wondered this to myself a few times now – Am I one of those socially awkward people that just doesn’t know how to “act their age”. While i’m thinking i’m getting “jiggy with it” with my 20’something friends,  are they thinking “this cougar knows how to get “turnt up” but shouldn’t she be off somewhere having kids?”


The majority of my closest girlfriends are all married and within the last year, they have all given birth to beautiful healthy babies – I on the other hand just finished watching season 5 of the Vampire Diaries, I played a game of beer pong last night (don’t worry – this doesn’t happen too often) and today, I randomly climbed up a tree in my gum boots while I was out for a walk with my boyfriend .

Hmmm.. What age AM I acting?

At the same time however, I am a successful entrepreneur. I own my own business and i’m known as an “expert” in my field. I self-published a book a few years ago, and more recently have become a TV fitness personality.

I’m not married yet and don’t have any kids but I am in a steady and successful relationship with someone who I love very much.

Are THESE all reasonable and acceptable accomplishments for a 30 year old? I think I’ve done quite well for myself for 30 years old. So why am I feeling like maybe i’m not “acting my age”.


Should I really be acting a certain way?

Personally, I don’t believe that here is a way to “act my age”. My age doesn’t define me but too many people are putting age up on a big scary pedestal.

Who cares if i’m 30! I personally don’t!

I like where i’m at in my life and I like the person that I’ve become.

My point is – I don’t care that I was born in 1984.

If I want to climb a tree like a 6 year old – I will.

If I want to expand my business like a “grown-up” – I will.

If I wan’t to play a game of beer pong like an undergrad – I will.

If I want to go to bed early on a Friday night like a 50 year old – I will.

If I want to knit myself some mittens like a 90 year old – I will.

I’ll act like Micaela and my age won’t matter because I will just be authentically ME.


I think we need to get over the stigma of age and realize that none of us need to act in any particular way as long as we are truly ourselves. I don’t feel I need to act in any certain way – I just feel like I need to be me. Whether that makes me immature or wise beyond my years is in the eyes of the beholder.

I’m not sure i’ll ever feel my age to be honest. Between exercise keeping me physically young and my positive ” I can do anything” attitude keeping me mentally young – I think I will always be young at heart!

30 isn’t the new 20 – 30 is the new “I can be anything I want”.- “I can DO anything I want”!

Don’t be afraid to live your life whichever way you wish – whether you are 18 or 80 get out into the world and do what makes you happy!

I’m going to go and have a glass of wine now, play video games and then call it an early night like a responsible 30 year  old so that I can wake up early go for a run and possibly climb a few trees while i’m at it!

Stay young everyone!

love micaela


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