Puma – Sustainable Performance Wear

Most of the time when you go shoe shopping you probably choose your shoes based on the newest trends, the color, the fit and perhaps even the brand.

But how often is it  that you actually know anything about the company that you are buying from?

You may think that your choice to walk instead of drive leaves no carbon footprint but, performance trainers are made from about 50 components, including plastic foams, solvents and metallic fabrics – all with the potential to be highly polluting.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the company you are buying your shoes from is doing something about sustainability?

It’s probably not something that you think about often and to be honest, it’s not something that crossed my mind for many years until recently.

I’ve spoken a lot in the past about sustainability when it comes to food, but how often do we really talk about sustainable performance wear?

Well, let’s start the conversation shall we!

If you follow my Instagram and Facebook posts i’m sure you’ve come to realize that I will never recommend a product or company that I don’t truly believe in.

I actually recently went on a large rant on my Facebook page the other day after a marketing company contacted me in regards to promoting their brand of Coconut Water. While i’m not against coconut water, I was highly unimpressed with their bizarre “literature” that they sent me. It basically spoke about how “cool” and “stylish” their product was and about how “all of the celebrities” can be spotted drinking it.

As a nutritionist, this was not the literature I had hoped for as it spoke no more than a small paragraph about the health benefits without citing any resources. Despite my personal feelings about coconut water, I just cannot represent or endorse a brand like that.


While coconut water was a big fat NO for me ( at least for that particular brand), I have been known to support and have ties to other companies such as Wellness Foods and more recently, Puma.

While I may have prematurely jumped on board with Puma before doing a lot of research, I thought it was important to do so before representing their brand any further.

Well, after doing some digging I was happy to find Puma heads the pack when it comes to sustainability.

A Sustainability Report published by EIRIS, evaluated companies according to their social, environmental and governance risks and impacts, taking into consideration human rights and supply chain labor standards among other issues.

As it  turns out, Puma was one of the highest ranked companies.

Despite operating in a sector at high risk for human-rights abuses, Puma is actually doing quite well and is continuously working on improving as a company on all fronts.

One of the things that I discovered and loved was that they have even published their own sustainability report online in the past which outlines the company’s  ‘PumaVision’ corporate social responsibility program. This program touches on areas such as ethical supply chain management, product responsibility,  and the company’s environmental projects.

I honestly feel proud to run in my Puma’s knowing that they are striving to be the best.

So, because of this – Get ready to see me in lots of Puma!

Be sure to check out my next post with all of my favorite new spring Puma products!

Check them out here –> puma.com


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