Embrace your inner Arnold

Editor’s note: The Whig today introduces a monthly column by Micaela Whitworth, a former Miss Universe Canada contestant and fitness and health enthusiast who operates Micaela Fitness in Kingston. Micaela will share her knowledge and experience in the health and fitness industry, with a special focus on nutrition on this very page once a month.

Over the last 10 years, women of all shapes, sizes and ages have contacted me for my services in hopes of achieving their dream goal of a beautifully sculpted beach body. Whether it be for their special wedding day or a warm and sunny beach vacation, women come to me for my expertise on toning, defining and sculpting their bodies.

However, what’s truly unfortunate is that many of these women who sought out my advice will ultimately never reach their goal of “toning” and “defining” their bodies. Many of them will inevitably refuse to take my advice when it comes to strength training, fearing it will make them look too muscular and “bulky.”

“Maybe I should just stick to doing more cardio instead of weights? I don’t want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.” I hear this statement far too often.

I hear you, sister, neither do I.

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Source: Embrace your inner Arnold


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