REVERLEY ATHLETIC, Affordable Athleticwear

Recently through the introduction of one of my clients, I had the pleasure of meeting Kim Moull, the founder of a locally based Canadian athletic and loungewear company called Reverley Athletic.  I needed athletic wear for a photoshoot and Kim had just launched her new athletic wear company, so it just made sense that the two of us ended up being introduced.

Now, i’m all about girl power – girls helping girls, so I wanted to know all about Kim and about how I could help her get the word out on her new rock’in line of athletic apparel as after wearing them in my shoot all day, I was hooked.


I loved the way the fabric felt against my skin, I love that it’s made in Toronto and I especially love that Kim, this young female student/entrepreneur donates 10% of all of her profits to .

I wanted to learn more about Kim and her brand and help spread the word about her new affordable clothing line. Here’s what Kim had to say!

Kim, what made you decide to start your own athletic/loungewear company?

As a student it was tough for me to find good quality activewear that I liked but was friendly to my student budget.  For me, it wasn’t worth splurging on trendier items, only to watch the trends change and ending up with a pile of gym clothes in the back of my closet. Throughout my university career, I wore cut-offs made from my own t-shirts and that was that.  The more I thought about what I was missing, the more the idea of creating Reverley Athletic made sense.  Now, I’m able to make the minimalist activewear staples that I longed for in school.  As a nod to my former gym look, I incorporated my elevated take on the classic muscle tank in the collection.



Has exercise always been a big part of your life?

I was a pretty active kid up until my first year of university.  That transition into first year was a huge change for me, as I know it is for a lot of people. As I tried to navigate being away from home for the first time, some really important elements in my life took a backseat to school work.  Things like exercise and consciously taking care of myself became lower on my to-do list, and I could feel it affecting my overall health. Throughout my next three years at school, I came to meet a lot of great people that would introduce me to the gym, and open my eyes up to other fun ways I could be active. Now, I do my best to lead a balanced life, and it’s significantly impacted how I feel physically and mentally.  It’s very important for me to take some time out of each day for myself, which often means being active in one form another!

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REVERLEY Glen Joggers


I saw that a percentage of each sale goes to What is and why is it important to you? That’s incredibly generous of you!

I caught wind of the organization when I saw its founder, Eric Windeler, do a talk at Western University while in my 3rd year there., through initiatives and programs directed at young people, aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness.  It’s amazing to see that since learning about them in 2013, the organization has grown immensely (opening 100 student-based chapters across Canada in that time!). With 1 in 5 Canadians being affected by mental illness, the conversations that are sparking among youth are incredibly important – bringing to light topics about mental health that we weren’t openly talking about before. The chances are that even if you don’t struggle with mental illness personally, there could be someone close to you who does.  Being such a widespread issue, it is incredibly important for me to use Reverley to contribute the cause by donating 10% of our profits to the organization.


You’re still in university right? What are you taking in school?

Yes! I’m currently completing my Master of Science in Kinesiology with a specialization in biomechanics at Queen’s University. Being in Kin now, and in my undergrad at Western, has definitely helped to excite my passion for health and fitness. 

How did you go about starting your own business?

I started from scratch so a lot of research was involved.  I think that no matter how much you know about an industry, there are so many aspects of starting a business that can make things pretty unpredictable.  On the other hand, I learn from new experiences everyday, which definitely keeps things interesting!  At the end of the day, the hard work and challenges aren’t bad trade-offs for the fun that I have working on this project. I’ve also been incredibly fortunate to have lots of support of family and friends, and I have to give some credit to many of them for where I am today. 


What sets Reverley apart from other Athletic Apparel?

There’s no question of the amount of high quality activewear options currently available, now more than ever. All of our garments are made in small batches in Canada.  It’s very important for me to see exactly where our clothing coming from, and having the line made locally allows me to ensure ethical work practices, while supporting Canadian businesses at the same time.  We do our best to maintain an affordable price point by selling directly through our site (

 One of the more obvious factors that sets us apart is our minimalist design.  Each piece is made with simplicity in mind, with details that still make them interesting.  The collection is entirely cohesive so you can effortlessly pair any piece together. I think a reason that a lot of people are drawn to the brand is because our garments are made for function and performance, but can easily transition outside of the gym without anyone thinking twice that it’s sportswear. 

Many fitness apparel companies consider themselves to be “lifestyle” brands, what sort of lifestyle does Reverley represent?

Reverley represents a balanced active lifestyle.  Our pieces are perfect for women on the go because of how easily they can take you from one activity to the next.  That being said, nobody can be “on” all the time. We think it’s important to know when to slow down or take a break – probably one of the most underrated, but kindest, things that we can do for ourselves.

Thanks Kim and BEST of luck my fellow female canadian entrepreneur!

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Kim Moull, Founder and Creator of 




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